Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 Review: #1

For me, 2009 turned out to be a quite eventful and productive photographic year. In addition to nice trips to northern parts of Norway, there has been numerous photo sessions in my local area, mostly at Finnskogen. Going through the archives, I find a lot of unpublished images. For this review, I have selected one hithereto unpublished image from each month of 2009.





  1. I can't figure out what is going on in the first image, but love the february and March images.

    In the february image I like how the trees line up and create a lead-in line to a vanishing point. To get a good "empty landscape" I find difficult but I perceive this image as successful.

    In the march image I especially like that the trees top left sort of close the image, to keep the viewer in the image, not drifting out of it.

  2. And february again: The stripe of light of course does a lot for creating depth.

  3. Thank you Eli!

    The january image is simply some dead, small flowers, partly covered by snow and ice, captured on a sunny day. The optics used, was a self-made high speed lens with glass originating from a x-ray instrument. The lens has no focusing mechanism, and aperture is fixed at f 1,25. When used with visible light, this lens shows a lot of optical imperfections which I try to utilize in a creative way.

    For more images captured with this lens, see


  4. Hei! Har tittet litt i bloggen din. veldig mye fint :). Liker veldig godt det første bildet i dette innlegget. Og så fallt jeg for den innfrossne fulen du akkurat postet på Darkrooms.

    mvh Andreas